About Me

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My name is Agata. I am the owner and lead designer of Your Day Floral. I have always had a passion for flowers and the art of floral design. For many years I have been creating unique floral designs for family members and for family parties. It was not until my engagement that I decided to turn my passion into something more. After our engagement, I met with several vendors, including florists. It quickly became apparent to me that many florists were in it for business rather than passion, and to them we were just another couple getting married. Their work was outdated, poorly designed, lacked technique, but not to mention very highly priced. That is when I decided to help others create floral design by starting Your Day Floral. I want to give all my clients the same experience, commitment and individualized attention that I was looking for with my floral needs.
I completed courses taught by celebrity and top floral designers at the Chicago School of Floral Design. I have mastered hundreds of designs ranging from small bouquets and centerpieces to very high end and large event arrangements. I also worked with a local florist, and assisted with wedding floral designs. I work very closely with wholesalers and have access to the freshest flowers available to ensure perfection and quality on your day.